Sunday, September 30


at the wedding, we danced to music from the late 70s, the 80s and early 90s. All the dances involving specific movements, we danced to most of them...the macarena? yes...the electric slide? yes...also to several other songs that didn't have movements/dances per se, we made up movements them or rather my sis and the best man made up movements and we all followed along. It was great fun. Since then, I've been listening to many old faves, not all played at the wedding but still from around that time like...
i think we're alone now...debbie gibson
heaven is a place on earth...belinda carlyle
it must have been love...roxette
super trooper...abba
material girl...madonna
the sidewinder sleeps tonight...R.E.M.
tell it to my heart...taylor dayne
hungry heart...bruce springsteen

also got a few CDs while in the UK - actually my sis got them for me as a thank-you. Picked up Macy Gray's latest "Big". It is an awesome CD. I've been playing 3 or 4 of the songs over and over. The best tracks are Strange Behaviour, Slowly, Get Out and One For Me. Treat Me Like Your Money and Ghetto Love aren't too shabby either. I think this is the first Macy Gray CD that I've listened/liked almost all the way through.
Also got Norah Jones' "Not Too Late", Haven't found any I really like on the CD yet. But I haven't really given it a good listen yet so who knows.
Also got "Sam's Town" by the Killers and "the Open Door" by Evanescence as well as a rock compilation CD "greatest rock ballads". It has many gems on it including "because the night" by patti smith, "can't fight this feeling" by reo speedwagon, and even "eternal flame" by the bangles. Couldn't pass up the chance to own that now could I?

I'm in a slightly better frame of mind than I was earlier - took my inhaler during my mini-meltdown and that helped in addition to some deep-breathing exercises.
I should have known that things couldn't possibly go anywhere from the moment he said "who's ABBA?".
sometimes its all I can do just to get through the day, get up, take my meds, eat. go to work. come home. sleep.

I thought it was a date-date. But it was not. It was just a friend-date. I think. All I know is that I'm very disappointed. And a little surprised. I shouldn't be surprised though. It's not like it is any different from before. Couldn't even really cry about it last night. Too sad.

Feeling very sorry for myself right now. But this'll pass. I know it will eventually but I just can't see it yet.

Had several muscle spasms this weekend in both my hands and feet. It kinda scares me when it happens several times in one day. I wish I could stop taking these stupid medicines. But I can't. I could but then I'd probably end up in the ER or hospitalized. I can't deal with either of those options.
My sister's wedding went well, both she and her new husband enjoyed the day. Many of the guests remarked that it was one of the best weddings they've been to.
It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and laughter and love.
Got many pics of the family. We danced from 7pm till midnight. It was a good day.

I had a few too many glasses of champagne and wine. Was up until 3am with the last stragglers from the wedding. Chatting away. I think maybe if I lived there, I'd have to fend the men off with a stick. Not like here. Where it's all I can do to even get them to ask me out or call or do ANYTHING.

Tuesday, September 18

Still up, almost done packing. Just so tired I'm moving in slow motion. Maybe I should just go to bed and wake up early to finish. It's already 12:30am I really need sleep now.
I'm so looking forward to this week off from work.
I'll be off for England tonight, I'm leaving straight from work, doing a 1/2 day.
I so need this vacay and it'll be great to see my family and celebrate my sis wedding.