Monday, April 23


Trying on swim suits are a great way to motivate yourself into going to the gym.

I was in Target over the weekend and saw a few suits on sale. Tried on a couple (different sizes)and ummm I just put them back and got out of there as fast as I could. Why? It's called back-fat. I have it. It's not pretty. While I do think that the style of the suits were probably not suited to my body shape, I didn't expect them to look that awful from the back. They were one-piece suits with the back cut out. I think a tankini-style suit is probably more my style.

In my head I figured that if I lost ~5lbs I'd be fine...near if not at my optimum weight...anymore than that and I'd start wasting away(or so I thought). The back-fat tells another story though. Maybe I could stand to lose more like 10-15 lbs after all. According to the BMI/body fat charts/calculators, my optimal weight is 25-30lbs less than I weigh. I don't think I need to lose that much. I think I have a medium frame and as such could stand to have more weight than they allow for my height. My actual weight(number) is not what I really care about, I think being able to fit into clothes comfortably would be nice. Not to be hanging over my jeans/belt would also be good. Not to have several creases in my back, ideal. And if I could minimize the love handles to the point where I don't have to name them, perfect.

Finally the kick I needed to get back to the gym. Every day I kept telling myself that today's the's the day that I go back to the gym...but today never seemed to come. I'd end up staying at work too late or be too hungry or too tired or just plain not-in-the-mood. Tonight, no more excuses. I worked out for an hour incl wieght machines/warm up and cool down.

My feet are killing me. My lower back and hamstrings don't feel too great either. Might have done a little too much. That's me, all or nothing. No moderation. Nothing in between.

Another reason I was reluctant getting back to the gym was that I didn't want to answer questions like...were you on vacation? thought you moved? Got a few of those but I had answers ready..."yes I was on vacation [from the gym hehe"] or "yes, it's been a while hasn't it". :) No big deal really. Stuff like this always seems like a bigger deal in my head that they work out to be in reality. I don't always remember that.

I did see a guy that I normally say "hi" to whenever I see him at the gym. I've also bumped into this same guy at the grocery store. I kept telling myself that one of these days he's going to have enough courage to actually come up to me and speak :)
Today was totally that day. He saw me and waved and I waved back. Then to my surprise, he walked right over (from the other side of the gym, I might add) and said more than hello. He said "long time no see", etc. I kinda told him about my recent motivation in brief...trying on swim suits, just the motivation I needed to get back to working out. He said - what do you mean? you look very attractive, you don't need to worry about it at all". Isn't that sweet? We chatted for a bit while I worked on a few machines. He and I have something in common. His parents are also from T&T. We had a nice chat. He also asked if I had been on vacation somewhere b/c I seemed to have gotten darker. I told him about my trip home 4 mths ago. The main reason I'm darker now is because there is actual sunshine and I have been walking outside whenever the weather allows. I got a great deal of sun this past weekend as I went walking with T in the morning on Sat. It was great. We walked for about an hour then sat outside a local coffeehouse, with iced tea and bagels, before walking back to her house. I was also outside during prime sunshine hrs on Sun. So great after the many days of rain we had early last week.

I'm in pain, time for some advil, I think, then bed.

Sunday, April 22

Nadal was in top form for the first major clay event of the year (Monte Carlo). Brilliant match against Federer.

The Yankees...real bust this weekend in their opener against Red Sox in Fenway. Can't watch any more of it. Time for bed doesn't look good :(

Wednesday, April 18

taking names

I was reading a post over on Virginia Belle's blog - about having to add another name to her "Men Who are Obviously Not Interested in Me" list.

I didn't think other people had this list too. You know what else? My list is full. I don't want to add any more names to it. Instead I want to be able to make a new list(s). How about...

"Men who want me and are not too shy to do something about it" or maybe
"Men who think I'm hot" or how about
"Men who are so into me" or (and this one is my favorite)
"Men who want me to marry them and have their babies"...Jeter? Nadal? Tristan?

I already have several candidates for these lists. A pity and a shame that they are currently empty. These are the lists I want to be adding names to.

Sunday, April 15

It's April, right?

I feel the need to write this b/c it snowed/sleeted/rained all day. What's up with that? The weather gurus are all excited b/c they have something to talk about again. Phooey! That's all I have to say about that.

I did finally get my iPod sorted - finally figured out the stupid software I paid for and got it to transfer my songs from iPod back to iTunes. But it took me a while and so when I finally had it worked out, it actually transferred several songs 2 or 3 times or at least their file names if not the actual info in the music files. Yeah, this meant many duplicates/broken links. I spent a good part of today deleting the duplicates and re-loading some of the albums that were corrupt. My sis got me an external backup hard drive so I can keep my music on that as back-up. Took me a while to figure that out as well. From the link in amazon, it made it seem all I needed to do was press a button and backed-up. Not so simple, folks. The specs for it mention that it comes with a 22" USB cord. It's more like a 5" USB cord. Still usable though and since my sis was also thoughtful enough to get me a storage case for the drive I just place it in that on the floor by the USB port on my tower. So no worries :)

Friday, April 13


Stayed home for my birthday as planned on Mon. I slept in a little (till 8am). Had a leaisurely breakfast then spent much of the day cleaning. I meant to do it Sat/Sun but was out much of the time or just in a lazy tv-watching/reading mood. It was ok though. So I invited about 14 people. I figured that they wouldn't all show up but at least I'd know in time since I specifically asked them to let me know by Fri - I also included my phone and home email in case something came up on Sat and they needed to cancel. I hadn't figured that some of them would wait till the last minute to tell me they weren't coming. I had to call a couple of them to find out they weren't coming. A couple of them called me at 730pm Mon night (yeah, they were supposed to be there at 6) to tell me they weren't coming. I know ppl have lives, stuff comes up, whatever. Surely they could have let me know sooner. I guess I just don't rate a highly as I thought. In spite of them, having too much pizza/cake, I had a great birthday.

I did have a great time with my friends who did show up. They brought cards and festive moods with them. We spent most of the night playing poker - we used coins and just made them have the same value regardless. We also spent some of the time eating chocolate mocha silk and chocolate cake with whipped cream/butter icing and sprinkles. A few also had yellow cake. I baked the cakes (from a box -Pillsbury makes the best box cakes) - and only made the yellow b/c I was catering to the ppl who bailed at the last minute.
I just have to let it all go though - it's hard b/c I'd never do that to any of them. If I can't go I let them know as soon as I can and I don't bail at the last minute. I took the extra pizza and cake into work on Tues and they were glad for it. Got some really good gifts/cool cards as well.
I also got quite a few e-cards. My Mum has discovered e-cards now - kinda cool. I got some funny Easter cards and also sent a few funny ones. The funniest one by far featured Hoops and Yoyo talking about Easter candy - hysterical...well it made me laugh hysterically :) They make me think of my sis and me. When we get together we often act very silly and sometimes can't stop the wise-cracks, funny voices and giggles. Fun times. If you have time, do take a look at them if you haven't before.

This has nothing to do with anything - a guy I knew in college (he was in my chem classes) used to say "fun times" all the time. I think he thought it was funny. It was, the first 3 times he said it. Not so much after that. He was a little pompous - he claimed that he came from a "rich, little town with huge houses". Like anyone cared? Anyhoo, I find that I use "fun times" from time to time. I try not to use it too often lest I annoy other people in the same way that guy used to annoy me.
Watching Beetlejuice - I must either have forgotten or just haven't seen it from the beginning before in a long time. Can you believe this movie is almost 20 yrs old? Oh how the time flies? I noticed for the first time tonight that the sandworms aren't scary at all, they look like sock puppets. I remember when I first saw this movie I was pretty freaked out by the sandworms. I was also freaked out by Beetlejuice himself. Alec Baldwin is quite dashing but Micheal Keaton is maginificently repulsive as Beetlejuice. And then there's that dance he funny.

Monday, April 9

swwet escape indeed.

Today my birthday. It's also my lucky day. Why? It started with me singing along to Gwen on "Sweet Escape" - which I'd just bought from the mall. I was trying to make the light and didn't realize I was going that fast. I actually started slowing down a bit b/c I thought I was going a little fast.

I got pulled over by a state trooper today. Actually he'd been trying to pull me over for 4 blocks and I was oblivious until he sounded his siren. I was curious and a bit alarmed that he seemed to be following me and lights were flashing but did I stop? Ummm, no, I did slow a bit and then when I heard the siren, I realized, Oh crap, he's stopping me.
He asked for my license and registration. He had to point out the registration card to me as I was searching for it (frantically) in the envelope from my glove box - the envelope labeled registration/insurance. I guess I was just a bit nervous. He also asked if I had gotten a speeding ticket before (now I'm kinda scared). to which I answered no. He asked, "Never, no tickets?" I told only parking tickets. He asked if they were all paid. I told all except for the last one which I pleaded "not guilty" to. He asked where I was going? I told him I was going home and that I'd just come from the mall. So he then went to his car. He came back and told me he wasn't going to give me a ticket today. He also said that I had been doing 49 in a 30 and it was a school zone - meaning double the fines/double the points. I then thanked him and told him it was my birthday and would have really sucked to get a ticket today. Then he said, well happy birthday, I definitely can't give a ticket today. he also said to "watch my speed".

Sweet escape indeed - I don't think that's what Gwen's talking about but it's still apprpriate here :)