Thursday, May 8

hello world

This is the first time I've had internet access at home for more than 5 min in nearly 2 weeks. I can barely contain internet provider is supposed to come out on Mon to check to see if they can fix whatever is wrong.

At first I thought it was my pc acting up. So I tinkered with it a bit and no change. After a couple days it finally occurred to me that maybe I should check my internet provider. Last Sun, I kept calling them and each time, they'd have me so different things, check the modem/ turn it off then back on as well as several things using the command prompt window. They all worked...temporarily for 2-5min. As soon as I hung up, bam...internet connection lost.

I hope it lasts a while but I don't think it will based on what has happened all week. Funnily enough, my antivirus software seems happy enough and even kept saying there was "traffic". I was screaming at it - how can there be "traffic" if I can't connect to the internet. It was very frustating.

Added to this was the fact that the demon spawn masquerading as my neighbors kid downstairs stomped up and down for several hours all weekend long. They must be feeding him pure sugars and dyes. Not a moment's peace. I have to move. I am moving. I just have to find an apt. I've been checking craigslist but most of the suitable ones are available now or in Jun. My lease isn't up till end of July so I'm going to keep looking.

I have another cold or something. Last Tues I had sore throat and fever. I stayed home Wed and slept/ate chicken soup. Felt a bit better and have been to work every day since. But I still have a sore throat. Now, I also have a cough/hoarseness/constant need to clear my throat/as well as fliud in my ears
. I meant to call my doc today but I'm just so sick of being sick. This is like my 6th cold of the year. It sucks and I've had enough of being sick. I can't ignore this sore throat any longer. I am going to have to call my doc tomorrow.