Thursday, August 18

101 Things About Me

  1. I don’t do anything by half-measures and am very passionate about many things.
  2. I believe in destiny.
  3. I think I’m interesting, a little weird sometimes, definitely gifted (my college- roomies word) but never boring.
  4. I never want to be boring or ordinary or to be considered boring or ordinary.
  5. I have 2 middle names.
  6. I paint and draw and have been doing so most of my life but feel funny calling myself an artist.
  7. I love words and numbers.
  8. As a kid, I used to read the dictionary – mostly b/c my Mom would never tell me the meaning of words when I asked her, she’d say “go look it up”.
  9. I‘ve always wanted to be in a spelling bee but there weren’t any at the schools I attended.
  10. I love fill-it-in puzzles but am useless at crosswords.
  11. I’m addicted to text twist on yahoo.
  12. I sometimes think I’m too self-absorbed yet I tend to notice things about people that no one else does.
  13. I’ve very outgoing and friendly but I don’t need to be around people all the time.
  14. I love music, couldn’t imagine my life without it and I almost always have music playing - I think my life needs an ongoing soundtrack.
  15. I have CDs everywhere…in my car, my bedroom, living room and CD players in each room.
  16. I have over 150 CDs.
  17. The first cassette I bought was ‘the Violin Player’ by Vanessa Mae.
  18. I used to tape music off the radio and loved listening to ‘Casey Kasem’s top 40’ every week.
  19. I hardly ever listen to radio anymore but I do have all the music channels set as fav on my TV remote.
  20. My musical tastes are very eclectic and range from classical, celtic, pop, rock and punk to some mainstream country and jazz as well.
  21. I love singing and am often one of those people you see/hear singing out loud in their cars (yeah, VH-1s Motormouth wishes they could find me).
  22. I love libraries; they’re free no matter how much I borrow - I usually have at least 15 items checked out at a time. I join the library whenever I move to a new place.
  23. I love bookstores; but I find it very difficult to leave without buying something.
  24. I work long hours during the week and I usually read every night before bed.
  25. I don’t sleep enough – usually only 4-6h, a little more on weekends.
  26. I’m very curious about life and read almost anything; mostly fiction - I really enjoy espionage/mystery/contemporary romance genres.
  27. I believe in God and am religious as well as spiritual.
  28. I converted to Catholicism when I was 13.
  29. Neither of my parents are Catholic but my Mom was always very open about different faiths - believeing that God is everywhere and that he calls us in different places and ways.
  30. I believe that ghosts exist and that there are many things that exist beyond our human perception.
  31. I'm not sure about extra-terrestrials but who knows.
  32. I believe that some people are psychic but I don’t think any of them are on TV.
  33. I used to be a huge x-files geek aka an x-phile and watched it religiously for 7yrs.
  34. My family knew not to try to call/talk to me whenever a new x-file was on.
  35. I’ve seen many episodes 10 times or more.
  36. All actors who were main guest stars on the x-files remain that character to me no matter what I see them in later – like Peter Boyle will always be Clyde Bruckman to me.
  37. My latest TV obsession is Alias and I’m a fount of (useless) information about that as well.
  38. I own the last 3 seasons of Alias on DVD and if I could rationalise the expense I would also own most of the x-files as well on DVD - these I actually have on VHS.
  39. I’m a creature of habit and prefer to re-watch something I like than to watch something new which I consider boring.
  40. I’ve seen the following movies at least 5 times or more all the way through: the Matrix, Last of the Mohicans, Titanic, About a Boy, Starman, Where the Heart Is, the X-files-Fight the Future (you knew that was coming), 10 Things I Hate About You and Groundhog Day.
  41. I still enjoy cartoons; if you haven’t seen Kim Possible, I highly recommend it.
  42. I also enjoy Disney made-for-TV-movies and sitcoms even though I’m pretty sure that I’m not in the demographic they are trying to reach.
  43. I like animal planet especially shows with Jeff Corwin and the Croc Hunter.
  44. I’m 4’11 ½“ which I usually round up to 5’ (as it says on my license). It always seems as if everything is at least 2” out of reach.
  45. One perk of being short - I can stand up in the window seat on most planes (with clearance) and never have to worry about not enough legroom.
  46. If I could change one thing about my body, I’d be a couple inches taller.
  47. I love wooden furniture.
  48. I can and do wear jeans to work every day and only have to dress in business clothes 3-4 times a year when we have to give reviews to our managers.
  49. As a child, my favorite color was red and I remember having a couple pairs of red shoes.
  50. I still tend to choose red if asked to pick a color but I wear mostly blue.
  51. I got chicken pox when I was 22 and it was very unpleasant.
  52. In my family, I’m ‘the pharmacist’; I’m the one they call whenever they need medical advice - which is kind of funny b/c my Mom’s a nurse and even she calls me. This is also funny b/c these calls are long-distance or international.
  53. I was often sick as a child (asthma) and that’s when I started reading about side-effects and contraindications and dosages, etc. and not just for my medicines.
  54. I’m kind of a hypochondriac; I read too much about too many diseases and conditions but am usually able to convince myself that I’m actually ok – eventually.
  55. I’m slightly obsessed with dental hygiene and keep both toothbrush and floss at work (my co-workers make fun but I say “you can bring yours in too”).
  56. I usually have at least two different kinds of floss at home and at work.
  57. In my family, I’m the one least prone to drama – my friends find this hard to believe.
  58. I confess...I can be overly dramatic…sometimes.
  59. People only seem to listen to me and quote me, unfortunately, when I’m being facetious or ridiculous – they never want to repeat the things I’ve said that I consider insightful, more’s the pity.
  60. I sometimes say things just for effect.
  61. I have a very sensitive stomach and never leave home without my Tums and Lactaid pills
  62. I sometimes have gas-x as well.
  63. I am often late, occasionally early but rarely exactly on time.
  64. I’m a Celtophile – love celtic music (even the ones in Gaelic that I don't understand), jewelry and designs.
  65. I wish I could speak and read Gaelic; I can sing it a bit b/c of my CDs.
  66. I love snow, more so when I don’t have to drive through it.
  67. I didn’t apply for my driver’s license until I was 27.
  68. I like winter but not for more than 3 months - I think that winter should end after 3 months so that you can tell that spring happened before the heat of summer hits you.
  69. I hate cockroaches more than any other insect.
  70. I can tolerate spiders as long as they’re not as big as my hand and they don’t spin webs in my way.
  71. I like plants and I’ve always wanted a ficus tree though I’m not sure exactly why.
  72. I didn’t have any pets as a kid…well I had 3 fishes.
  73. I like cats and dogs but don’t like them to lick me.
  74. I don’t have any piercings or tattoos.
  75. I don’t mind if they’re on other people.
  76. I almost got my ears pierced on 6 different occasions during my teens but chickened out at the last moment each time.
  77. I don’t exercise as much as I should and sometimes wish I was one of those people who’d stay the same size regardless or was motivated enough to stick to a regular routine.
  78. If I thought I could get away with it, I’d die my hair red but I just don’t think it’d suit me. Either that or I would want to go back my natural dark brown the next day.
  79. I’m easily amused by people and things.
  80. I like watching infomercials but have never bought anything from them directly though I'm often tempted - I have bought some (useless) stuff from the 'As Seen on TV" stores in the mall.
  81. I have always wanted a remote-controlled model airplane.
  82. My eyelashes go in my eye fairly often (2-4/day) and one of my fears used to be that it would happen to me while driving – this has happened but I was able to pull over safely and fish them out…very scary.
  83. I love grocery shopping; I could literally spend hours there (I’ve only met one person who shares this love of mine – most people I know hate it).
  84. I'm sort of an elitist when it comes to tea, chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.
  85. I love the smell of fresh-baked goods especially bread and warm chocolate cake.
  86. I’m a tea drinker and have about 5 different kinds of tea in my cupboard. I don’t like coffee and I really don’t like the smell of fresh-brewed either.
  87. I usually keep that information to myself since most coffee drinkers tend to look at me suspiciously when they find out I don’t like it…similar to the look I know I give people who don’t like chocolate.
  88. I have a great collection of shot glasses from around the world.
  89. I also have a fair collection of key-chains.
  90. I buy cookbooks even though I don't use them often enough to justify having as many as I do.
  91. I’m a pretty good cook and am sort of a picky eater.
  92. I love the food network especially nigella bites, rachel ray and good eats.
  93. I don’t eat shellfish or raw (read rare) meat or fish and I hate pickles.
  94. I started watching Yankees baseball b/c of Derek Jeter about a year ago and I check baseball stats every day - baseball is all about stats and abbreviations.
  95. At first, Jeter was the only player I recognized on sight (without checking the number) but now I also recognize all the current Yankee players on sight as well as many players on teh teams they play...yes, I also recognize most of the Red Sox players as well.
  96. I love watching live hockey games.
  97. I’ve ice-skated twice; fell twice, now I’m not so sure about whether it’s my thing.
  98. When I go to a theme park I ride many roller coasters, all the while screaming like I’m about to die – wooden coasters are the worst. At the end of the day, I swear that I’m never going on another one again in life…until the next time. It’s weird, I admit it.
  99. I’m very cautious and not willing to take risks I consider unnecessary.
  100. So…I have no desire to skydive, bungee jump, parasail, or try any other extreme sports with one exception – wish I could do skateboard tricks on ramps, they look really cool.
  101. It took me 4 days to make this list (this doesn't really count so I guess it's just 100).


Åñèè§å said...

4 days good god lol i didn't take that long lol maybe about an hour lol or sooo

UTEKRYNK said...

I found your blog and think you did a great job. What did we do before blogging?


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Anonymous said...

nice site

Petra said...

I don't know what I did before blogging? I was bored a lot though ;)-now I think in terms of "ooh I got to put that in" or mentally take notes in my head of stuff I plan to write about. Thanks for the comments :)