Monday, October 30


If you are interested in seeing my halloween pics - let me know, I'll email them to you. I didn't want to leave them on the site too long - still like to remain relatively anonymous.

Saturday, October 28


My friends are throwing a Halloween bash. I don't normally dress up for Halloween. I've never bought a costume before. Several other people already had theirs either bought or picked out already and most had pd $40 for theirs. This sounded like way too money for me. I was thinking more like $15-20 for a costume. At least before I got out to the shops. All the costumes were quite pricey.

I was thinking of going as some sort of superhero. During my store browsing last night I came across the perfect prop. A battleax - plastic yes, but perfect. I decided that I needed to find a costume that would allow me to use said battleax.

S was shopping with me and even she had to admit that the batttleax and I seemed made for each other(not her exact words but I'm sure that was her general meaning ;)

Anyhoo, I couldn't quite find anything that would work with it. So sadly, no battleax :( Moving on, thought about maybe going as Guenivere but when I took the costume out of the bag it was just a bit too frou-frou for my tastes. Didn't feel like I could work it at all. Plus, the battleax would probably have been a bit much.

The only other options at this time (10pm Fri) were Vamptessa...uummm, don't think so
Druid Witch...ummm, maybe, but only had a robe - too long, battleax, definite maybe
Supergirl...ummm, not sure but worth trying on just to see.

Finally, the decision...I'm going as Supergirl. I will take pics and post them for a short time b/c I know you are now dying to know what it all looks like. From the moment I out on that cape/top I knew it was right. I completely forgot about the whole battleax thing. I even tried a few appropriate poses that will totally work with my costume. Just needed red tights to complete the outfit (it comes with boot covers, belt and skirt).

I also plan to carry props. Yes, props :) I saw a superman logo candy bucket. Yup, had to get it right? Plus I'm seriously thinking about taking a small fan with me to have running in back to blow my cape around. Another idea is to wear ordinary clothes over my costume - will probably have to hide the red boot covers in my pocket - then after everyone is there say "what's that I hear, a distress call?". then run to the ladies rm to change into....Supergirl da-da-dun-dah-dun-da-dun! How cool/funny would that be? Don't you wish you could witness me doing this? Haven't mentioned that bit to anyone yet. Did tell S about the fan bit, she doesn't think I will actually do it. A dare? I think it was definitely a dare. One which I can't resist. When I told her her of it I was only half-serious. Now it's on.

Oh cost of all this costumery/props :) $50. It's offical. I am insane.

Friday, October 20

no ocassion dinner

A couple friends and I made plans to go out to dinner tonight about a week ago. Then I thought of a couple more who might be interested. then a couple more. So I invited most of my friends and their signif. others, thinking that only half of them would want to go/not have plans - the number in my head was 5-8 people.

It's always weird for me when I get invited to stuff and then other people in our circle are excluded for one reason or another. Then I have been asked on more than one occasion to not say anything to the people who weren't invited. Awkward. So I thought to avoid that and give everyone the choice of refusing without excluding anyone.

The funny thing is that they are all available and interested in going. So our simple dinner out has turned into a thing. So much so that one of the original planners suggested I make up an occasion for us to celebrate.
Technically it's my half-birthday this month. Today is my Dad's birthday. Other bday's today - Tom Petty, Bela Lugosi, Jerry Orbach, Snoop Dog, Mickey Mantle. Not that anyone really cares about any of that. But I wanted to be prepared in case they ask me what the occasion is :)

I made us a reservation (12-14) at a great local restaurant(got great reviews) that only one or two of us have been to before - so it should be fun, I think. We'll see.

I was going to wash my hair but it's been raining all day. So it'll probably end up getting wet and then all my efforts would have been wasted. My hair is kinda flat b/c I went to the gym twice this week and both times worked out for at least an hr-all that exercise wreaks havoc on my hair. So it's a bit wavy and a little frizzy instead of being straight and sleek(the way I prefer it to be).

tags smags

another thing...the whole tags thing just doesn't appeal to me. My blog is about my mostly random thoughts - many do not fit into a particular category. It just seems like work to have to think up a label for it. Half the time I can't think up a title much less a tag.
The only good thing is that publishing happens in an instant.


This whole bloggerbeta thing - not the the best thing ever that they proclaimed it. Now I can't sign in with my short screenname anymore. I have to type out my email addy. This is especially annoying when I try to make comments on blogs b/c it then makes me sign in twice as it goes from one screen to the betablogger screen. At that point the comment I was trying to make gets erased and I just can't be bothered to go through the trouble of typing it all again. So betablogger, you suck, just so you know.

Ok so maybe blogger in beta is not so bad - now that I understand the ways of it more. It's more convenient to search through blog entries with a keyword. Also great for seeing which entries have comments. Also it is easier to rearrange stuff on my template without having to look at all that gobbledygook that

Wednesday, October 18

boxing gloves

I bought boxing gloves and wraps. I really wanted red gloves but they didn't have them in the size I wanted :(. Oh well. This way I can keep boxing without having to use the smelly-no doubt-fungus-infested-gloves that they give us at the gym. They never disinfect them so they stink - like you can't even imagine. It takes 3-4 thorough hand washings to remove the stink from my hands. That's how bad they are. I didn't want to get them until I was sure that I'd stick with it. I've bought many things with the thought that I'd use them regularly, only to have them just sitting there for years after being used only once or twice.

boxing and stuff

Boxing is great stress reliever and I look forward to it every week. It leaves me feeling exhausted though. Partly b/c I do weights for ~25min just before the hr-long boxing class. I think it'd be better if I tried doing my weight routine on alternate nights from the boxing. I've been shying away from this b/c it'd mean going to the gym 4 days a week. Don't know if I'm ready for that yet :) Seems a little excessive. Probably would be good for me though.

Tomorrow we have our yearly presentation in front of the managers/section heads. I'm hoping that we finish early and that we don't get too many questions throughout(that always slows things down a lot). Then maybe I can get out of there at 4ish. Then I'll go to the gym. Then home.

I'm taking Fri off work. I can't wait. I've been meaning to take a day off for a long time now but just haven't yet. I've been so stressed with the work that needed to be done or we had deadlines to meet or meetings scheduled. I really need a mental health day. I have no plans to do anything. I briefly thought about taking a trip somewhere but I decided to just have a lie-in. Maybe paint, definitely read and relax. that's my plan. Should be great!


They're baaacckk :)

Sunday, October 15

word of the day...exhaustion

My last post makes it exactly one year of posting i.e. 365 posts and counting :)

I'm exhausted. Going to bed in 30min. really mean that. It's been a long weekend. Slept in on Sat -the first time I've been able to sleep in weeks. We canceled our morning walk cuase my friend was going out of town. Then I went to get my hair done. then spent ~4hrs in the mall. I was looking for a cute shirt to wear Sat night since we were going out dancing. No luck on that front but I still spent a lot of money. Bought a pair of jeans (ultra low waist) which the salesgirls insisted looked really good on me. They are lower than I normally wear, comfortable but it just felt like my ass was hanging out. Not my usual goal. Also bought a few tees at old navy and a couple watches(50% of so I had to get 2 :) With my hair/jeans/watches I spent just under $200. I pd full price for the jeans which I don't normally do. They looked really good. We were out way too late though. I only had one light beer and we had appetizers to go with it. Still I was really tired driving home. Dangerously tired. I had to drop me friend home first. The drive home was a little scary for me b/c with my tiredness my night vision was horrible. I kept blinking rapidly hoping it'd improve it. Next time, We're taking a taxi/she'll have to crash at my apt(I live much closer to downtown) b/c I'm not driving again when I'm that tired. Sign that I was probably not fit to be driving. We walked a block and half past where I parked before we realized we'd gone too far. Got back home around 3am.

I set my alarm this morning to wake me up at 9am for choir. Forgot to turn it on...yeah so it didn't wake me up. Woke up groggily at 10am. Scrambled and still went to choir - in time to practice the pieces we sang today so it was ok.
This is all so stupid. Being so tired that I can barely function. I was thinking about taking a nap this afternoon after taking to my family around 430 but I just had to clean instead. Everywhere was disgusting to me and more than due for a cleaning. So I did the bathrm, kitchen and bedroom. All that's left is the living rm. Laudry will hold for another week. Still had clean sheets so at least I could change my bed.

Also cooked tonight - lamb stew - it was delicious.

Probably for the best that I didn't take a nap. Hopefully I won't have any trouble going to bed now. I'm taping "Brother's & Sisters" and will watch it tomorrow. My new goal is to be in bed by 10, lights out at 10:30. Any TV I want to watch at 10 will have to be taped. I usu end up falling asleep half-way through the show most of the time so this is a better plan for me.

Time for bed.

Monday, October 9


Finally figured why my apt was so damn cold all the windows were partially open at the top. Landlord told me that if i wanted to open the bottom window half-way or fully that I needed to prop up the top window or it would drop down and break. That's all he said to me. I interpret this to mean that I would only opne the windows less than half-way and everything should be fine. Right? NO! The top part of the stupid window opens a little whenever you opne the bottom part, even if you only open it 1/4 way or 1/8 of the way. I only realized this last Thurs b/c I cooked and needed to open the windows - yeah kinda heated the pan too high, burning eyes, etc....That's when I noticed for the first time that the top of the stupid window was open. On seeing that, I run around my apt checking every window - all open at the top. NO wonder, insects have been crawling in at their leisure. I've been wondering how they are getting in so frequently...they had an engraved unscreened top windows everywhere and all. So I had to do major climbing up on step-stools and window sills to get the damn things closed completely. That night was the first time that the bathroom mirror fogged up after my shower.

Only problem now is that I don't have any control of the heat. He told me to turn it off when I was out. I tried. It'd been in the off position all weekend. I've woken up several times the past couple nights b/c it's been so hot - feels like I'm stiffling. I had to sleep with my fan directly on me last night to get relief. it all seems so ridiculous to me. There is only one "thermostat". A generous term for a box in my living room marked "Lo/Off/High". At my old apt, they turned on the heat from the main, and I could open or closed the gas valve for each of the room's radiators. Here, not so much. They are painted in place so I can't adjust any of them. Plus I get heat from the front and bottom apts as well. I guess there's just no pleasing me is there? Too cold. Too hot. This'll be a good thing one it gets really cold out.

Saw "The Departed" Sat night. It was interesting, kept my attention. Too much senseless killing for my taste but my friends said that's Scorcese's trademark. Then went out for coffee.

Going for my yearly physical with my regular doctor this week. I haven't seen her in 9mths. A lot of time, Since I saw her last, I've lost 7lbs, 2 1/2 inches on my waist. I've also been exercising 3-4times a week most weeks. Big changes. I was very ambivalent when she first suggested I take tablets for my "anxiety". anything else seemed preferable to that. As is I have to take several meds for my asthma twice a day, every day. Just wasn't prepared to take anything else. Therapy seemed preferable. It' helped me more than I thought it would. I also think the exercise helps a lot as well. I find it difficult to relax normally. When I exercise, my mind can turn off for that hr and I don't have to think or worry about anything else. It's helps me just be in that moment. I need that break. When I miss a few days without exercising - I notice the difference. And it's not a good difference.

Did yoga during my lunch hr at work. 4 of us were there today. It was great. Several of my muscles/joints cricked and cracked during the session but they are no worse for wear.
Tomorrow's boxing. I skipped last Thurs b/c I twisted my ankle - stepped on it funny while walking down stairs at work. Ridiculour I know. I've iced it for the past few nights. Still went for my am walk on Sat and it was a little tender but on the mend. In any event I hope my doc is impressed with my progress. I can tell her that she was right even though it took several months before I believed her.

Feel much better now all that is off my chest.