Sunday, June 22

random stuff update

It's been an age since I felt like posting anything. Lots has been going on, some interesting, some not.

I went to a concert yesterday sponsored by a local radio station and it was a lot of fun. It was a $30 ticket for 10 bands/performers. I only really wanted to see 4 of them but we stayed through most of them from 11:30am-8pm, at which point we'd had enough sun and music. My favorites were Sum41, Ace young(yes, he is even more gorgeous than when we last saw on Idol 2 yrs ago), Simple Plan and Natasha Bedenfield. Everyone else was ok or just boring.

My friend got very burnt. I asked her the day before if she planned on wearing sunscreen and she said maybe on her face(boy was she sorry last night - she even had patches of scorched skin on her feet). I actually meant to wear some on my arms at least since I haven't been exposed to any serious sun in a long time but I forgot. My arms were burning a bit last night, especially my left one and when I looked at it last night, I could see why...

My arms are usually the color of my shoulders and even though I wear short sleeves every day, there is not normally a contrast. I did have the presence of mind to wear jeans and a hat/shades for most of the day (my friend wore sleeveless tank and shorts - not so good for her). I'd considered wearing a tank top but thought I shouldn't b/c it was supposed to be 81° and very sunny. So I was mostly covered but wished I had put some sunscreen on my arms, they are kinda itchy today. I am so not used to real sun anymore.

I am in a weird mood today. I should have gone to church, but it was rainy with lots of thunder and lightning and I didn't want to drive through that. Of course if I had gotten ready anyway, I could have gone b/c now the sun is suddenly shining and all the rain is gone. I might try to go tonight. I say that but I never seem to do so if I miss the earlier service. Sigh.

Yesterday was a fun day. The only thing that sort of marred it was another friend of ours (who didn't go to the concert with us). I was telling her about G's sunburn and mentioned that my arm was kinda warm and itchy as well. She said, why are you talking about your sunburn(as if it was preposterous for me to do so), G's is so much worse, why are even mentioning yours? Well, for one thing, you are supposed to be my friend and listen when I say something.
This girl is always thinking the worse of everything I do. I don't know why she wants to be my friend. The things she says sometimes indicate otherwise. Maybe she doesn't, but doesn't have anyone else to hang out with/who will come pick her up(since she doesn't have a car) and that's why she still says she wants to hang out. I have been feeling this way about this girl all year. She's supposed to be taking a temporary position at another site for a few months and lately I've been thinking that I can't wait till she goes. I don't think it was always this way. But it is definitely this way lately. I don't know what I did or if I did anything that's made her so passive-aggressive towards me. But you know what, I don't care anymore. I just want to have friends I can talk to who don't second guess everything I say. I feel like I need to censor the things I tell her b/c she always seems to be judging me negatively. I can't just talk or vent or anything.

I was telling her about a work colleague who gets upset whenever she makes a grammar mistake (English is not her first language). I found it amusing that she gets upset about it b/c in general her English is pretty flawless. My friend interpreted my saying and her response was "you make fun of her for making grammar mistakes, shame on you". I had to say, no, I don't make fun of her, I think it's funny that she is upset about something so minor. She started back-tracking at that moment, "oh I'm sorry I thought that". Right. I mean she misunderstood me and immediately came up with a negative interpretation of the situation. There have been many instances like that. I just don't understand where it's coming from and frankly I just want it/her to go away. I don't want to have to deal with it. It hurts my feelings and I don't need that shit. I just don't. Another favorite thing she says lately is "you don't have to defend yourself". It's like her new thing. I want to say (and have said), "I'm not defending myself, I'm just expanding on my point". I have not changed but she certainly has and I don't care for it. I don't care for it at all.

I recently got my green card(which is not really green :). This is really great for several reasons. One is that traveling will be easier b/c I won't have to get approval each time I return. Two, I can go to Canada without having to apply for a $100 visa. Three(and the one I care about most)is that with it I can get a second job which I have been considering for a while. Before I had it, I could only work legally with my work permit at my current job, no where else. With it I have more options. So I decided to get another job now that I can, part-time of course, at a local pharmacy. It is mostly cashier duty ~10-15hr a week. I've done two shifts so far and boy was I exhausted at the end of the week. What with my regular 50hr job, it was tiring. The register is fairly easy and they say I'm a natural.

I can really do with the extra cash (it pays a couple $ above minimum wage) and I can put it directly towards my credit cards. I already have pretty decent interest rates on them (10.9% is the highest one)I just want to get them paid off sooner and I think this will help a lot. I expect that I should be able to pay off most of them within a couple years or so if I put an extra $200 towards them every month. I'm planning to pay off the lower balances first. Once I do this, I can consider traveling home again. Lately, the cost is $1200/ticket. I can't afford that. I'd have to put it on a credit card. I am determined to pay them off before incurring anymore debt. I did pay for a trip in October - my friend's getting married in Vegas, but that's the last thing until I pay them off. Once I get most of them paid off, that'll be another $300-400 I could be saving instead.
Another good thing that will help is that my car loan will be paid off by next year freeing up another ~$200/mth. I can't sleep sometimes thinking about my debt. I've been so exhausted lately though that insomnia has not been an issue.

I have also not been to the gym in a while, I think I've been 2x since June began. Not enough. I've got to get back on track with that.

A new guy started a week ago and he's in my group at work and I have a crush. I feel kinda silly about it - more details later(if there are more details).