Tuesday, September 28

random nonsense

I'm sick. Stayed home from work today which is a huge deal. At my job, there is a lot of pressure to go to work even if you are sick. Their policy is if you are not dying then you should come to work. My ears have been popping for nearly 2 weeks now and I felt a sore throat coming on yesterday. Woke up today, not only was my throat inflamed, but my ears hurt like crazy and I was feeling just awful. Decided not to go in, called in to tell my boss that I was sick and he didn't recognize my voice because I kinda sounded like a frog was stuck in my throat. Spent most of today resting and drinking hot tea. Going to bed soon. Have to go in tomorrow, regardless of how I feel. Hopefully I'll feel better than I did this morning.

Met this random guy at the drugstore 3 weeks ago. We got to chatting and I thought he was cute and after 15min of chatting outside said store, we exchanged numbers. I didn't have high hopes for this. 1)he's 24, 11yrs younger. 2)he told me he lived at home with his parents and 3.he refused to pay for a cell phone provider and had some odd set-up with his iPhone so he could text and make calls via internet.
Anyhoo, with all that in mind, I still thought maybe I'd find a friend to do stuff with that my current friends didn't want to do as often as me (like bowling, pool, stuff like that). I also thought if he was interested in a fling with an older woman, I could prob be into that, like I said, he was cute.
So I wait a few days (I was on my way out of town when we met)then tried to text him. I got this weird message back from verizon telling me that it was a "landline" and if I wanted to send a text to it, it would cost me 25c per text in addition to adding to my text used. That kinda upset me. I admit,I was also a little hormonal at the time and thought "f*ck this!" If he can afford a frickin iPhone and is living with his parents why can't have a regular phone like nomral people, even a pre-paid phone would have been fine. So I decided to just let it go. A week goes by and I get this text from a pc asking if I was the girl he met at the drugstore. By then, I'd calmed down enough to respond. I told him about how I'd tried to text him and about the message I got. He "lol" and said yeah, it is. We have this silly convo back and forth in which he tells me he can text from his pc through voip chat. He and I decide to meet in a week. So I'm kinda excited again and we decide on last Thurs at 6 for our meeting time at a local coffee house. Tues I get a txt from him saying he might have to work late and if it was ok with me if we met later on Thurs. So I'm flexible, so I say, "sure, I live minutes away, so I can meet later, just let me know when you're on your way." Wed evening I get another text from him telling me he's not feeling so good and if he and I could discuss whether to meet on Thurs. This weirded me out. It was like he was looking for a reason not to meet but was afraid I'd get mad or something. So I gave him an out and said "Something's come up and thurs won't work for me after all and since you might have to work late/not feeling too well, how about we postpone till next week." All the other text responses he's sent me arrive a couple hrs later. He responded right away to that one though and said, "yeah, let's do next week instead".
At this point, I don't care if I ever see him again or not or even if I hear from him again. I don't need this shit. My job is super stressful. And I just don't have time to play these kinda stupid games. Either he wants to meet or he doesn't. And if he doesn't fine, I'm not going to cry or scream at him.
Yeah, so I had decided in my mind that if he texted me and asked - so are we on for thurs at 6 at same place - I would say yes and go. If he tried to have us do the stupid texting back and forth again (which previously used 30 of my 250 texts for a freakin non-meeting) to find another time, I was out.
I got a text from him last night which said, you want to meet this week right? wtf?
So I texted him back today saying that I was home sick today and busy the rest of the week. He can take from that what he wants. I'm kinda done.

In other news, the neighbors from hell moved in above me about 3mths ago...they vacuum nearly every day. They move the freakin furniture sometimes more than once a week when they do this OCD vacuuming. They wear clogs and stomp about on the fuckin floors above me at all hours. Especially after 9pm at night. I wish they would move out. Or something, anything but continue to live above me.

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