Tuesday, August 26

movie night

I went to the movies tonight and saw "House Bunny". Anna Faris has such great comedic timing. I laughed and laughed until my sides hurt at one point. For once, all the jokes were not given away in the trailer and I truly enjoyed this. I would not say it was the best movie ever and it certainly is not the worst. I have seen far worse movies than this - the Year of The Dog, for one - that did make me laugh half as much as this.

The only thing funnier I've seen this year was Don't Mess with the Zohan. I don't normally enjoy Adam Sandler's movies. They are just too much for me, too predictable for one. The Zohan was hilarious and I really laughed until I had tears in my eyes.
I don't like satire or overly predictable comedy - you know the in-your-face kind that you don't need a brain to get. Almost as if there is a laugh track. I hate those movies. I'm my own person. Just because the critics love it, doesn't sell me on a movie. I make that decision myself. After all, I know what I like way better than any critic out there.
For example, I saw "Wall-E" against my initial instincts. It got such great reviews right? My friend who saw it with me, loved it. I was so bored. The first 30 min were fine and I might have enjoyed it more if it ended at that point. I actually fell asleep during most of it and woke up at the end. This rarely happens. I see a lot of movies and I've slept through 3 of them - Wall-E, Atonement, and Scoop. I don't think Scoop was all that boring but I was exhausted and still went out to a night movie anyway when I went to see it. Atonement, two words...snooze-fest. I'm not saying it's a bad movie but just not for me - I saw it with 3 other people who loved it. And when they explained to me why I could almost see it. Almost.
I think the short film they showed before Wall-E was far more entertaining imho.

I still haven't seen the Dark Knight - just too much hype. I will see it eventually on DVD. Tropic Thunder, I will not be seeing. Why can't they get a black actor? Why does Robert Downey junior have to play a black man? I just don't get that. Pineapple Express might be funny but I'm not sure if it's my kinda funny. SO I'll wait for that on DVD as well.


Virginia Belle said...

i was glad to read this -- i am a huge anna faris fan and was wondering if it was any good.

i saw pineapple express. it was pretty funny! if you get the chance, go see it.

Petra said...

definitely go see house bunny. I will try to see pineapple express :