Friday, August 22

Real life getting in the way of blogging

I have been busy lately. In the last 10 days, I have...

- completed a large-scale multi-step synthesis and met the deadline for shipment
- completed and presented slides for said synthesis
- left work @ 3pm to catch a train to NYC
- been to a huge family wedding (250+ people) in NYC
- taken over 100 pictures of family at said wedding
- had an apple martini for the first time
- realized that 7 apple martinis + 1 cosmopolitan is more than a person my size should ever consume in 4hrs
- been violently sick from said drinks and had a sore throat for 2 days as a result
- decided not to drink apple martinis again...ever!
- played Cranium with friends and discovered that I have a knack for drawing with my eyes closed
- cleaned my turtle's tank
- went to work at my part-time job at 7am on a Sat
- been to Philadelphia for a 2-day chemistry course
- stayed 3nights in a hotel in Philly
- had 6-8 cups of tea each day to be awake for 8hrs of chemistry
- had trouble sleeping due to excessive caffeine intake during the day
- saw the Liberty Bell
- taken many touristy pictures incl. one of a giant clothes-pin in Philly :)
- eaten a fake "Philly" cheese-steak
- watched Olympics...Phelps-8 medals, Bolt-fastest man, Thompson-Silver medals in track and field for Trinidad, Nadal-first Gold medal in tennis
- did laundry
- completed 2 reactions in the 2 days since I got back from Philly Wed
- eaten a to-die-for chocolate mousse cake when my group went out for lunch today

Is it any wonder that I am exhausted. the plan for tonight is to stay in and finish a couple books I started recently.

As for my latest crush. We are friends now, we hang out. I think it is possible that he might like me too. It's difficult for me to be positive about this. It's difficult b/c no one that I've felt this way about before has liked me in the same way. He sat next to me at lunch today and that was very cool b/c it's a large group of us (12) who were at lunch so he could have sat anywhere. We left work at the same time tonight (5:30p - earliest I've left on a Fri in a long time) and we walked out together. The really cool thing is that I had said good bye to him earlier and was at my desk, shutting my computer off when he came over and said hi and then we walked out together. When we got to our cars, we stood there talking for another 20min. I have it really bad. There's just something about him that appeals to me on so many levels. It's a little scary. I'm being cool, friendly but not overtly so. I'm trying for subtle. Even though subtle is so foreign to me, I'm trying. If there is the slightest chance that this could work I want to do everything I can.
Some days, I just want to go up to him and tell him how I feel. Actually, I want to do a lot more than just tell him but that would of course not be subtle. So I'm waiting...and hoping...


Virginia Belle said...

that sounds like a great 10 days!

so, what is your strategy w/the crush? can you invite him to coffee or a happy hour drink?? if he's shy, he might need a little push.

just an idea. :)

Petra said...

It was great :)
My strategy is to play it cool and just be around.